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Pipettes - Plastic 3ml, one dozen

Pipettes - Plastic  3ml, one dozen
Pipettes - Plastic 3ml, one dozen
SKU: 163
Set of 12 Plastic Pipettes (Droppers), 3ml size
Price: $3.75
Product Details
One Dozen 3ml Plastic Droppers (Pipettes)

The 3ml size is graduated in 1/2 ml increments and draws up to 3ml. It can easily dispense one drop at a time. We recommend using a separate dropper for each essential oil.

Note: our 5ml, 10ml, 15ml and 1oz bottles of essential oils include an internal dropper so these plastic pipettes are not necessary. But, for larger sizes (2oz or larger), you'll need droppers.

For Essential Oils, we do NOT recommend the use of glass droppers with a rubber bulb. The essential oils cause the rubber to deteriorate rapidly. Our plastic pipettes are not impervious to the essential oils but usually last for months, especially if you occasionally clean them with alcohol and let them dry out.

Helpful hint: attach each disposable pipette to it's bottle with a rubber band - that way you do not mix your essential oils.

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