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Essential Oils for Body Odor

Q:   Dr. Power, which of the essential oils and carrier oils would you recommend to use for underarm perspiration and eliminating body odor? Would the oil lose its effect if I mixed it with baking soda or mineral salts? Thank you. 

A:   Thank you for your question about essential oils and carrier oils. Several essential oils are helpful for controlling body odor and the smell associated with perspiration. The best essential oils for body odor include:

Cypress helps to decrease (but does not completely eliminate) perspiration. Actually, I feel it is not the healthiest choice to completely eliminate perspiration, as only strong aluminum based antiperspirants will do this, and perspiring is a natural function that benefits the body.


My own formula for underarm deodorant is 2 drops lavender, 1 drop cypress and 1 drop bergamot in 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil, applied lightly to the underarm area. Since bergamot can increase you chances of sunburn, eliminate it if your upper body will be getting sun. I would not mix the oils with baking powder or mineral salts. I hope this is helpful to you. - Best Regards, Joie Power, Ph.D. 

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