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Can Essential Oils Be Used As Mouse Repellent?

Q: I have a problem with mice getting in our house. Is there an organic solution? 

A: Mouse control is a tough one! Believe it or not, pure Peppermint Essential Oil is the best rodent deterrent we've found. Our friends had a terrible problem with mice eating the wiring harness in their cars. Since using the Peppermint Essential Oil, they've had no problem. Try to find where they're getting in and just sprinkle a few drops around every week or so. You'll probably need a 4 oz. or 8 oz. bottle. 

Update:  Since responding to this question, we've done additional research and come up with a better formula for getting rid of mice naturally (and without killing them)- it's our blend of mint oils, Mouse Away, that's more powerful than Peppermint alone. This is the best natural mouse repellent that we've encountered and can be used in homes and cars. We offer mouse repellent sprays, satchels, and a concentrate blend of pure essential oils. We also now carry Mice Cubes, which are re-usable, no-harm mouse traps. To read more specific instructions on how to get rid of mice naturally with Mouse Away, click here


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