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Mouse Cube (Bulk 100)

Mouse Cube (Bulk 100)
Mouse Cube (Bulk 100)
Mouse Cube (Bulk 100)
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SKU: 403
Mice Cubes - Bulk (100)
Price: $300.00
Product Details
Bulk quantity of Mice Cubes (Mouse Cubes) for those pesky mice who simply refuse to leave no matter what you do. These great little traps do no harm to mice. Just bait with a little peanut butter and crackers and they walk right in through the one way door for a little taste. Once they're trapped just pick up the trap (you don't have to touch the mouse), jump in your car and drive the little mouse to it's new home.

Note: be sure to check the traps twice a day to be sure the mice don't become overheated. Be sure door swings freely and place bait at far end of the trap to lure the mice all the way inside.

****Customer Comment: ""We received these products a few days ago and I am happy to say that on the first night we caught around 12 mice (the first few hours, we were checking the cubes often and setting the mice loose at another location every 30 minutes or so)! I am extremely impressed with this item and I would like to thank you for making it available, as I had no desire to use anything that would harm or kill the mice.""

To read more about how to get rid of mice, click on Humane Mouse Control Information.

100 Mouse Cubes
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