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Our Catalog of Essential Oils

Our SomaTherapy Essential Oils are chosen carefully for their use in aromatherapy and massage.  We're proud of the quality of our aromatic oils, and work hard to offer unsurpassed singles and blends for healing work, emotional and physical balance, and relaxation.  If you're used to synthetic fragrances, the exceptional depth and quality of natural aromatherapy oils will delight and surprise you.  

To ensure freshness, we obtain our oils in small batches and bottle as needed. Currently we stock 100+ essential oils. Our SomaTherapy brand oils are steam-distilled and 100% pure (except where clearly noted, as in our 5% solutions), and we also offer a number of absolutes.  We offer a variety of sizes, from 5ml on up, and if you are interested in a larger quantity, please give us a call.

Below is a complete list of the oils we currently have in stock.   For more information on any of our single oils, or to make a purchase, please click on the corresponding links.  Do you use oils in your practice? Click here for information on Practitioner Pricing.  To find out about becoming a wholesaler, click here.  


Essential Oils A - C:

Essential Oils D - K:

Essential Oils L - O:


Essential Oils P - Z: