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Moisturizing Facial Cleanser

 & Healing Facial Oils

Q:  I am interested in making an all-natural facial cleanser and massage oil using several carrier oils. In the past, I have used products called "cleansing oils" and I would like to try making a natural cleansing oil for my face myself. The list of ingredients are as follows; Avocado oil, Safflower oil, Sesame oil, Peanut oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil and Wheat Germ oil. Could you please recommend to me the ratios of each oil I should use? Most importantly, I would like to know what agent is used that makes the solution water soluble (milky), when I rinse my face? Also, is it safe to put a few drops of Jasmine essential oil in the recipe without it harming my face? Thank you in advance for your help. I truly enjoyed browsing your website. 

A:   Thanks for your question and your interest in aromatherapy. In terms of ratios of these oils, I would blend them acoording to the following recipe:

I have made oil cleansers and massage lotions many times but even for the cleansers I do not add anything to make them water soluble, as I prefer to have everything completely natural. 

Use about 1/2 teaspoon of the oil mixture at a time for a natural, moisturizing facial cleanser. Apply to the face, gently remove with a soft cloth or tissue, then splash with water and gently dry. This will make a very moisturizing cleanser that is much better for your skin than soap. If your skin is oily, you can follow this with Witch Hazel toner. It would be very nice to add a few drops of Jasmine Absolute to the oils, so long as you are not allergic to Jasmine. If you are unsure about allergy, do three patch tests on you arm on three consecutive days before using on your face. Just be sure to use a high quality, true jasmine. Use no more than three drops of Jasmine per ounce of carrier oils. 

Other Oils for Skincare + Recipes

There are so many carrier oils that are wonderful for skincare. We've written a blog post on Healing Oils for Skincare, but I'll provide a brief rundown here, as well. Two of our favorite healing oils for healthy, vibrant and glowing skin are:

1. Tamanu Oil

Buy Tamanu OilTamanu Oil (also known as Foraha and Calophyllum) comes from the South Pacific and has a long history of use there for promoting healthy skin and hair. It’s an amazingly effective healing oil for skin problems ranging from rashes, scars, stretch marks, sun damage, wrinkles, premature aging and more. Tamanu also has anti-neuralgic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibiotic, and analgesic properties. The smell of Tamanu Oil is distinctive and hard to describe–I’ve heard it compared to butter pecan, buttercream frosting and even curry (I personally think butter pecan is the best description). If I had to pick just one oil for mature skin, this would be it. Tamanu Oil is also an excellent choice for helping treat burns, eczema, acne, psoriasis and the fading of scars.

How To Use Tamanu Oil for Skincare:

You can use Tamanu Oil straight (it’s thick and a little goes a long way–just a drop or two applied to your neck and face is enough). You can also combine it with a lighter oil like Argan or Grapeseed and add a few drops of Lavender or Frankincense if you’re not crazy about the smell.

2. Rosehip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil (Rosa Mosqueta) comes from the seeds of a wild rose plant which grows in Chile (among other places). It’s a medium to heavy oil with a beautiful amber hue and a rather distinctive, fatty-nutty aroma. Rosehip oil is rich in essential fatty acids and helps nurture damaged and aging skin. Just last week, one of my best friends told me that she's been using Rosehip Seed Oil on her acne scars for the past two months and that they've faded dramatically.

How To Use Rosehip Seed Oil for Skincare:

You can use Rosehip Seed Oil ‘straight’ or blend it with essential oil. For helping to heal/fade scars, we recommend mixing 10-15 drops of Helichrysum essential oil to one ounce Rosehip oil. Use a small amount three to four times per day. Note that because Rosehip is a heavier oil, we don’t recommend it for those with acne or oily skin.

Healing Facial Oil Blend Recipe

For an all-natural, affordable, restorative facial oil blend to use after cleansing your face, try the following:

Combine 6 drops Helichrysum essential oil, 6 drops Carrot Seed essential oil, 8 drops Lavender essential oil with one tablespoon rosehip seed oil and one tablespoon tamanu oil. Apply to face and neck two times a day with light, upward strokes for glowing, beautiful skin.

And there you have it – a simple and affordable moisturizer your skin will love (and best of all, you know exactly what’s in it!).

Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and not intended to treat, prescribe, cure, or diagnose any disease or condition. This information is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or other health care provider. Dreaming Earth Botanicals is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of the suggestions, preparations, or procedures discussed. All matters pertaining to your physical health should be supervised by a healthcare professional. Keep all aromatherapy products out of reach of children.