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Natural Pest Control in Your Garden

Q: I'd like to use essential oils for controlling bugs in my garden? Any suggestions?

A: Absolutely! Our favorite natural and non-toxic pest control solution is Neem Oil. We've actually written a blog post on how to use Neem in case you want to read more, but here's a basic recipe:

Use 5 ml (one teaspoon) Neem oil, 2 ml (approx 1/2 tsp) gentle liquid soap and 32oz of warm water. This will make a 0.5% solution. To make it stronger, double the amount of Neem oil and soap.

Using warm water is key to helping mix the Neem. Combine the warm water with the soap first and then slowly add your Neem oil, mixing (a whisk would be helpful) briskly. Pour the blend into a spray bottle and use within 8 hours. The Neem will begin to break down quickly once mixed up with the water, so use it all at once and make up a fresh batch each time. Shake bottle well as you spray to keep the Neem and water mixed together.

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