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Aromatherapy Bath Salts Made With Pure Essential Oils

lavenderflowerWe offer a complete line of luxurious Bath Salts to relax the body and ease the mind. Our Bath Salts are available two ways: as "plain" Celtic Sea Salt® and as ready to use Bath Salts with pure Essential Oils and Natural Botanicals in a Celtic Sea Salt® Base.

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We think Natural Celtic Sea Salt® is vastly superior to Dead Sea Salt. This French Sea Salt is more "alive" and has much greater therapeutic properties and more trace minerals. If you've been a user of Dead Sea Salt, we ask you to give this Natural Celtic Sea Salt® a try - we're sure you'll find it to be a better alternative.

About Celtic Sea Salt:
Tens of thousands of years ago, the Guérande salt ponds in Brittany, in northwestern France, were part of a bay in the Atlantic Ocean. The gradual retreat of the sea left behind a series of floodable pools. The first written record of a salt marsh concession in Guérande in the north-westernmost region of France dates from the year 854.

Salt harvesting became prevalent from the tenth to the fifteenth centuries and the tradition has been carried on by artisan paludiers using an ancient Celtic method developed 2,000 years ago. Between 1540 and 1660, the salt pond area was definitively established and salt from Guérande was in great demand and was sent to the four corners of the globe.

Today, the mineral rich French Celtic grey sea salt is still harvested by traditional Celtic methods in the coastal area of Brittany, France and is know worldwide for its exceptional quality, fine taste and healthful benefits. The unrefined grey sea salt has nothing added and nothing removed - it comes from the sea just the way nature intended.