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Aromatherapy Bath Salt - Jasmine

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Absolutely exquisite Aromatherapy Bath Salts crafted from the finest quality Celtic Sea Salt and Pure Jasmine absolute
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Jasmine Bath Salts

These exquisite Jasmine Aromatherapy Bath Salts are made with Coarse Grain Celtic Sea Salt (imported from France), our exquisite SomaTherapy Jasmine Absolute Oil and dried Jasmine flower petals. Use for a relaxing bath or foot soak. Jasmine is emotionally warming, helping to relax, uplift and help with self-confidence.

Sink into a tub of Jasmine bath salts, and be enveloped by this most exquisite of perfumes. Jasmine is one of the precious oils:  a vast quantity of blossoms, which must be gathered at night when their scent is at its peak, are required to produce only a few drops of oil.  Pamper yourself with these intoxicating bath salts.

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