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main gardenWhen it comes to using aromatherapy in our lives, we all love the benefits of essential oils, but sometimes we forget to just go outside and savor the incredible scents of aromatic plants. With some simple planning you can create your own aromatherapy garden.

Everyone wants a garden that offers visual delights, but what if just opening a window or taking a stroll through your yard also provided a flood of therapeutic fragrances?

Imagine your patio carpeted with aromatic herbs spilling out from between paving stones or garden beds brimming with scented flowers and herbs (which you can harvest and dry to enjoy while your garden sleeps beneath the snow of winter). And if you don’t have the luxury of a garden to plant—don’t worry: you can create a smaller version in a windowbox or in containers on a balcony.

Whether you choose the plants for your aromatic garden based on their therapeutic properties or just because you love how they smell, all it takes is a bit of planning, selecting, and planting to have your own personal garden of healing scents.


Aromatic Windowboxes and Containers IMG_5143

Plant aromatic plants in a windowbox or containers on your balcony and you’ll be able to open the window to let the lovely scent of heliotrope or oregano waft inside, or simply take a few steps outside to snip lavender springs to add to your bath.

The main thing to remember is to choose a site for your windowbox or pots that gets at least six hours of sun a day, keep the plants well watered (soil dries out much more quickly in containers than in the ground), and snip the tops of the plants to keep them from getting too leggy. If you are planting a combination of plants in one pot or windowbox, be sure to choose ones that have similar sunlight and moisture needs. The list that follows features aromatic plants well suited to container gardens.

Fragrant Plants for Windowboxes and Containers

Basil                            Lavender                         Rosemary

Dianthus                      Mint                                Scented Geraniums

Helichrisum                 Oregano                          Sweet Alyssum

Jasmine                       Rose                               Thyme


pathwayAromatic Pathways

Keeping the spaces between stones on a pathway free of weeds can be both time-consuming and back-ache-inducing work. Instead, plant hardy creeping herbs (see the list below) between pavers to create a fragrant carpet for your feet. Most herbs do well in dry, unfertile soil and many varieties stand up well to foot traffic.


Just remove any gravel, sand, or weeds (roots and all) from between pavers and add a bit of topsoil and compost when you put in each plant. Leave at least 8 to 12 inches between plants. Water the plants thoroughly and avoid heavy foot traffic as they settle in. Because the gravel bed found beneath many stone pathways and patios encourages moisture to drain from plant roots quickly, be sure to water these plants deeply and frequently until they are established.

Fragrant Plants for Pathways

Chamomile             Pennyroyal        Winter Savory

Coriscan Mint          Rock Cress

Miniature Thrift      Thyme


Aromatic Gardens

When it comes to garden beds, your choices of aromatic plants is almost endless. Plant some close to your garden’s pathways so you’ll enjoy  their fragrance as you brush past, or place them close to a door so it will be easy to pick sprigs to bring inside and put in a vase. Again it’s simply a matter of choosing plants based on both your fragrance preferences and the plant’s preference for climate and growing conditions. Remember that not all varieties of all plants have strong scents—a little research will hep you find the ones that will thrive in your garden AND perfume the air.

lilac-747862_1920Fragrant Shrubs

Buddleia             Lilac                     Rose   

Daphne              Mock Orange         Virburnam



roses-279583_1920Fragrant Vines

Clematis            Honeysuckle     Wisteria

Climbing Roses    Jasmine



lavender-733874_1920Fragrant Herbs

Basil               Lavender           Mint              Rosemary

Chamomile      Lemon Balm       Oregano       Thyme



garden-14165_640Fragrant Perennials

Dianthus       Iris                           Peony

Hostas          Lily-of-the-Valley       Violet



nasturtium-686987_1280Fragrant Annuals

Heliotrope    Nasturtium    Stock

Marigold       Nicotiana       Sweet Pea



flowers-753132_1920Fragrant Bulbs

Daffodil     Lily

Hyacinth    Tulip




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    This is amazing post for me! I would like to make a garden on the roof of my house. But I have not enough idea about gardening. I search on the web and found your tips and noted them on my notebook. I’m trying out of the list plants that you listed on your post.

    Please, continue your writing in the future!

    Thanks for sharing your great knowledge!

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