Niaouli Essential Oil

        Niaouli essential oil is a pale yellow or greenish oil with a sweet, sharp, fresh odor.  It is extracted by steam distillation from an evergreen plant native to Australia, New Caledonia, and the French Pacific where it has been used locally for respiratory ailments, body aches and pains, and infections.


Pine Needle Essential Oil

Pine Needle (Scotch Pine) Essential Oil The venerable pine has been used for many centuries as a medicinal plant. Native Americans used it to prevent scurvy and repel lice and fleas; they also burned it with cedar and juniper for purifying rituals. In addition the needles and shoots have been prepared in various ways for…


Essential Oils for Relaxation and Sleep

I favor oils that are very lush and grassy with floral notes, like Geranium essential oil. While Geranium is pretty subtle, sometimes the extra lush scents are strong and take awhile to get used to. My second favorite essential oil is Clary Sage with its nice floral, green scent.  It has a strong aroma, but…


make your own hair oil

Make Your Own Conditioning Hair Treatment

I’m always on the lookout for hair conditioning treatments, but rarely find any that really work for me.  They make big promises that fall flat, or they provide only short-term improvement. a My ideal hair treatment would make my hair shiny, manageable, and lively, and would help diminish the effects of winter dryness, and summer…


internal use of essential oils

Essential Oil Recipes to Help Cope with Grief

A study published in the April 2010 issue of the Journal of Clinical Nursing (“Providing Consolation For Bereaved Relatives Through Hand And Foot Massage,” Mar 26 2010), describes the benefits of receiving a soothing foot or hand massage during a period of grieving.  Eighteen subjects who had lost a loved one to cancer participated in…