Essential Oils for Your Dog

Wondering if it’s okay to use essential oils for your dog? The answer is yes—as long as you do so properly and with a few safeguards in mind.  Using essential oils on animals is not really new: Rene Maurice Gattefossé, known as the father of aromatherapy, first tested essential oils on dogs and horses in France in…


infused rose oil in jar

Make Your Own Rose Oil

Capture the fleeting fragrance of roses by making your own rose-infused oil. As spring slips into summer, roses and their intoxicating scent are at their peak in most gardens. It’s hard not to feel wistful as the petals start to drop, so this year I decided to bottle my own rose-infused oil. I was delighted to…


essential oil box

Storing Essential Oils

It’s warming up and people are asking us about storing essential oils. This topic is important because proper storage can increase your oil’s shelf life, help it retain its full therapeutic value, and keep your family safe. Properly stored essential oils can last for years (and a few such as sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli can even improve…


the importance of dandelions

Save the Dandelions!

As kids we made wishes on dandelion puffs, but as adults, we curse them for marring our perfect lawns and try to kill them with herbicides. Stop! Dandelions are good for us and good for the insects we rely on—let them stay awhile. Dandelions bloom and provide pollen and nectar right when bees emerging from hibernation are…


diy aromatherapy gifts

D-I-Y Aromatherapy Mother’s Day Gifts

    If you’ve got more time and love than spending money this Mother’s Day, or if your mom is the kind who appreciates homemade gifts the most, make these easy aromatherapy gifts to encourage her to pamper herself.   1. Hand Salve Your mother’s hands have probably washed countless dishes, changed countless diapers, and…



How to Choose and Use Essential Oils

How to Choose Essential Oils Let’s be honest–we’re all overwhelmed. We want to eat better, exercise, be the perfect parent, have a fulfilling job . . . and stay healthy.  Maybe you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the wonders of aromatherapy and thought you’d give it a whirl.  You do a quick search…