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Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Properties and Uses Lavender Essential Oil is the most popular and widely used essential oil and for good reason: not only is it remarkably gentle and effective, but it has an almost universally beloved aroma–floral, soft, and herbaceous. This is one of the essential oils that everyone should have on hand.


chamomile essential oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil Properties and Uses Chamomile Essential Oil is highly prized for its relaxing and soothing effects on both mind and body. Chamomile is one of the gentlest essential oils, and one of the few essential oils recommended for use with children.



Rosemary Essential Oil, Part Two

Rosemary is one of our favorite essential oils.  It’s versatile, inexpensive, powerful and, of course, has a lovely, fresh-woody aroma.   Rosemary oil is commonly used for muscular and joint pain, respiratory problems, and in skincare and hair-care blends.  Emotionally, Rosemary essential oil has a stimulating effect, and and has the reputation of assisting with memory…


Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Carrot Seed Essential Oil Carrot Seed, or Daucus carota, is also known as Wild Carrot or Queen Anne’s Lace.  Carrot Seed essential oil should not be confused with infused carrot oil, or carrot tissue oil, which comes from the commonly known edible carrot, and whose orange root is infused in a carrier oil.  Carrot Seed…


Niaouli Essential Oil

        Niaouli essential oil is a pale yellow or greenish oil with a sweet, sharp, fresh odor.  It is extracted by steam distillation from an evergreen plant native to Australia, New Caledonia, and the French Pacific where it has been used locally for respiratory ailments, body aches and pains, and infections.


Pine Needle Essential Oil

Pine Needle (Scotch Pine) Essential Oil The venerable pine has been used for many centuries as a medicinal plant. Native Americans used it to prevent scurvy and repel lice and fleas; they also burned it with cedar and juniper for purifying rituals. In addition the needles and shoots have been prepared in various ways for…