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Essential Oils for Hair Loss

Can Essential Oils Help with Hair Loss? We get quite a few emails and calls asking if essential oils can help with hair loss and requests for specific aromatherapy recipes. We’ve created a Hair Blend which you can purchase on our website, but we thought we’d also offer some recipes that you can make yourself…


How to Get Rid of Athlete’s Foot

Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot I would not wish Athlete’s foot on anyone! Athlete’s foot, or tinea pedis, is a fungal infection that loves the warm wet nooks and crannies of your feet.  You can pick up the spores for this dreaded infection by walking barefoot on your public gym’s wet shower floor or by…


How to Make Your Own Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs Make Great Presents! I love sugar scrubs.  I even love the name, which combines two wonderful ideas:  sweets and facials.  I resisted making them for a long time because, well . . . they seemed messy.  And complicated.  But they’re not–at least not complicated.  And they’re so great that I’ve decided to make…


Bay Essential Oil

Bay (West Indies) Essential Oil I love the spicy, invigorating scent of bay essential oil.  It’s one of those oils that are perfect for diffusing in the fall and all the way through the holidays. Bay West Indies (not to be confused with Bay Laurel) is a warming, uplifting oil and it reminds me of…



Essential Oils for Poison Ivy

Essential Oil Recipes for Poison Ivy Anyone who has ever suffered a poison ivy outbreak can attest to the pain and torment it causes. If you know you’ve come in contact with poison ivy, make sure you launder your clothes promptly and bathe as soon as possible. If you still get an outbreak, even with…