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Aromatherapy Bath Salt - Organic Lavender

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Absolutely exquisite Aromatherapy Bath Salts crafted from the finest quality Celtic Sea Salt and Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil
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Our Organic Lavender Aromatherapy Bath Salts are made with Coarse Grain Celtic Sea Salt (imported from France), our exquisite SomaTherapy Organic Lavender Essential Oil and dried Lavender flowers.

These aromatherapy bath salts are made with the finest lavender available, our organic Lavender Provence. The aroma is deliciously smooth, sweet and relaxing. Treat yourself to a refreshing, uplifting, relaxing bath after a hard day at work. Besides being emotionally soothing, Lavender bath salts help to relieve the distress of muscle aches and pains. In a bath, lavender balances the body and mind, calming or stimulating according to your body's needs.  Aromatherapy lavender bath salts are excellent for refreshing tired muscles and are also wonderfully soothing in a foot bath.

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