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Make Your Own Aromatherapy Dream Pillow

Q:   Do you have a recipe for tub tea baths and eye pillows? I have one for eye pillows with flax seed, lavender, peppermint herbs, rosemary essential oil and bergamont essential oil but I do not know how much of each to use. Any recipes would be very helpful. Thank You, Jeannie 

A:   Thank you for your question concerning essential oils. I don't recommend using essential oils over the eyes as I think that even the gentlest ones could be irritating if they get into the eyes. Why not make "dream" pillows instead? These are small pillows that you lay your head on or just have in bed with you. 

Stuff a pillow with dried herbs including hops, lavender, and valerian - you can add one drop of essential oil of lavender and one drop of essential oil of clary sage to the herbal mix before putting it in the pillow. 

If you are making tub bags, try the following: mix 2 tablespoons of dried lavender flowers and one tablespoon of dried chamomile flowers. Add 2 drops of essential oil of lavender and 2 drops of essential oil of clary sage to the mixture and fold into a square of cheese cloth that you tie at the top. Drop it into the bath as you draw the water. 


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