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Aromatherapy Products

Essential Oils

Our SomaTherapy Essential Oils are true professional quality, therapeutic essential oils. They are 100% pure, natural and undiluted. To ensure freshness, we obtain our essential oils in small batches and bottle as needed. Currently we stock 130+ essential oils and can special order from a selection of over 200. Click Essential Oil Info to review detailed descriptions of each Essential Oil. To order, click: Order Essential Oils.

Aromatherapy Blends

We make our own Aromatherapy Blends. We stock 30+ blends of essential oils and offer them as either pure undiluted blends or as "ready-to-use" massage oils. Our blends include male and female aphrodisiacs as well as relaxing blends, uplifting blends, sports blends, chakra blends and more.  To order, click: Order Aromatherapy Blends.

Aromatherapy Starter Kits

Some of our most popular kits are our Aromatherapy Starter Kits. We make three sampler kits: Aromatherapy Starter Kit A (12 EOs), Aromatherapy Starter Kit B (12 EOs), and Aromatherapy Starter Kit A+B (24 EOs).  These are an ideal way to sample our essential oils and include our most popular essential oils.

Massage and Carrier Oils

Our Massage and Carrier Oils are of exceptional quality.  We blend many massage oils, including Relaxing, Sports, Calming, Uplifting, Immune Support Blends and more.  Each is made with our massage base (a combination of Almond, Grapeseed & Jojoba Oils). For each of our blends, we add our pure essential oils so that you can experience the benefits of essential oils without having to mix your own. Use as a massage, body or bath oil (2 to 3 tablespoons for most massages or add 1 cap full to a warm bath).  

To review detailed descriptions of our Massage Oils, or to order, click:
Order Massage Oils.

Click Carrier Oils Info to order or review detailed descriptions of many of our Carrier Oils. 

Flower Waters

We make our Flower Waters by combining Pure Essential Oils with distilled water and a natural dispersant. Our Rose Petal and Orange Blossom Flower Waters are especially nice and make a wonderful toner for the face.  


Select from a wide variety of Aromatherapy Diffusers.  We offer several kinds of aromatherapy diffusers ranging from simple ceramic tea candle diffusers, nasal aromatherapy inhalers, lamp rings, small diffuser pots, electric fan diffusers and many sizes of nebulizing diffusers (the type preferred by aromatherapists).

Pest Control Products

Natural Pest Control - Here at Dreaming Earth Botanicals, we manufacture two all-natural pest control products:  Mouse Away for mice, rats and other rodents and Skatter for mosquitos and other flying insects. Both are all-natural, very effective, safe for people and animals, and gentle to the skin.   

Our Pest Control Products only repel pests - they do not cause them harm.  Mouse Away is made with our exclusive formula that combines pure Peppermint Oil with pure Spearmint Oil in just the right combination to provide maximum repellency. 

Bath Salts

We offer a complete line of Bath Salts - soothing salts to relax the body and ease the mind. Our Bath Salts are available two ways: One as "plain" Celtic Sea Salt® and, two, as ready to use Bath Salts with Essential Oils and Natural Botanicals in Celtic Sea Salt® Base.