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Aromatherapy Massage Oil Blends with Pure Essential Oils

Are you looking for Aromatherapy Massage Oils  We offer massage oils of therapeutic quality for aromatherapists, massage therapists, spas, healing arts practitioners and individuals, retail and wholesale.  Using massage in conjunction with essential oils is one of the most effective and pleasurable ways to incorporate aromatherapy into your life.

Our aromatherapy Massage Oils combine our favorite carrier oils with our pure essential oil blends. Our massage blend base is made up of Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Grapeseed oils, and can be purchased as a base, or pre-mixed with our therapeutic blends. 

These aromatherapy massage oils can be used for the treatment of cold & flu, headaches, trouble sleeping, muscle pain and many other ailments. We also offer massage blends to aid in relaxation, overcoming negativity, creating a peaceful environment and uplifting the spirit.

Our Chakra Blends are wonderful for applying to the chakra points during meditation or yoga. Some of our most popular blends are the Sleep Well, Sinusitus, B-Well, Aphrodisiac and Clarity Blends. Depending on what you're looking for, we've tried to create blends to help with relaxation, spiritual connection, increased concentration, immune system support and more.

For convenience, our Massage Oils  are available in "ready to use" form, using pure essential oils mixed with our massage base. You can use these massage oils to massage the body or you can add them to your bath water for a healing, refreshing and aromatic bath.

Some of our "ready to use" massage oils include: Uplifting Massage Body and Bath Oil, Sports Blend, Sinusitis Massage Blend, Scar Blend, Relaxing Massage Oil, Arthritis Relief, Germ Buster, Clarity, Alert, Peace of Mind Massage Blend, Renewal Massage Blend, Muscle Pain Massage Blend and more.

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