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Diffusers for Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Which Essential Oil Diffuser is best?

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With all the Essential Oil Diffusers out there, how do you choose which aromatherapy diffuser is right for you?  Diffusers are one of the most efficient and therapeutic delivery systems for aromatherapy, but it's wise to do some research, and figure out which diffuser best meets your specific needs. 

Below are descriptions of some of the most popular diffusers available, but please don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you decide!

Light Bulb Rings
These nifty devices are inexpensive and easy to use. These are rings that fit atop a standard light bulb. Add a few drops of essential oil to the ring, turn on the light, and the aroma will softly filter through your space. We suggest using a low wattage bulb for longer lasting aroma.

Tea Candle Diffusers: 
These are also called aroma lamps, burners and candle 
ceramic diff.jpgdiffusers.  They have the advantage of being beautiful as well as functional.  Candle Diffusers come in many varieties and styles, from soapstone to ceramic to glass, and are also very simple and affordable.

A small bowl sits atop the base of the diffuser. Simply add a few tablespoons of water and approximately ten drops of your chosen essential oil, and light the tea candle. We recommend using beeswax candles as they last much longer, don't burn as hot, and are a much healthier alternative than the cheaper, paraffin candles. These are especially nice to use during meditation or yoga.

Fan Diffusers
For those who would like to diffuse their essential oils without heat (the preferred method of aromatherapists, since heat can damage the therapeutic benefit of essential oils), the fan diffusers are a nice option.

They are quiet, efficient, and easy to use. It's a good cho
ice for a small space (500 square feet or less) and is a nice option around pets or children, as there is no glass or candle flame to worry about. In this unit, a small fan blows air through a pad containing the essential oils. And unlike the nebulizing type diffusers, thick oils are fine to use with fan diffusers, as there's no glass to clog or clean.

Nebulizing Diffusers
This is the preferred model of many aromatherapists and massage therapists. These diffusers pump air through a glass chamber filled with essential oils. They are well regarded due to their effectiveness in diffusing essential oils and in maintaining their therapeutic properties.

The nebulizing diffuser uses no heat, and converts the essential oil into microscopic size droplets which stay in the air for long periods of time. These d
roplets produce a fragrant aroma and are easily assimilated through the lungs and into the bloodstream. These are powerful diffusers, but not recommended for those who don't want to contend with cleaning the glass between oils, or who want to diffuse thicker oils such as vetiver or patchouli.

Necklace Diffusers
ruby necklaces.jpgWe offer beautiful and custom-made aromatherapy glass necklaces
These gorgeous glass vessels are created by artist Matthew LeRoux --
each one is unique!




To find out more about a specific model, or to make a purchase, go to our online shopping cart at: Order Diffusers.  And please don't hesitate to call us if we can help answer questions you might have.