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Carrier Oils for Aromatherapy

We offer a wide variety of Carrier Oils and pre-blended Massage Oils for use in aromatherapy.  Essential oils should always be diluted before applying to the skin, and the carrier oil you choose will depend on what your purpose is, as well as the skin type you're working with. While our most popular carrier oil is definitely the Massage Base we mix ourselves, it's fun to experiment with some of the other carriers, as each has its own benefits and specific qualities.

Some of the aromatherapy carrier oils we offer include: Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel, Arnica, Avocado, Borage Seed, Calendula, Camellia, Carrot Tissue, Castor, Coconut, Evening Primrose, Flaxseed, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Olive, Rose Hip, Safflower, Sesame, Soy, Sunflower, and St Johns Wort. Our Carrier oils and base oils are of the highest quality and can be used along with our Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, or alone. In addition to our single oils, we offer custom blended massage oils made with our Essential Oil blends.

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Note: The following characteristics and properties have been reported for specific carrier oils. This information is not intended as medical advice. Persons with medical conditions should see an appropriate health care provider for treatment and recommendations.

Almond, Sweet - Prunus amygdalus, P. dulcis 
Obtained from the nut of the tree and native to Asia and the Mediterranean this pale yellow carrier oil is a favorite carrier oil for essential oil aromatherapy blends. It's excellent for the skin and can be used by itself for moisturizing all skin types.  Sweet Almond oil is a favorite with aromatherapists, as it blends well with other oils and penetrates the skin easily. Sweet Almond oil is high in fatty acids, making it an ideal oil for damaged skin (mix with equal amount of Calendula), and for mature skin (mix with 10% wheatgerm, borage and macadamia nut oils). One of our favorite carrier oils, and part of our Massage Base Blend.

Apricot Kernel - Armeniaca vulgaris, Prunis armeniaca 
This nut oil is wonderful for the skin, especially for those with sensitive, dry or mature skin. Apricot Kernel carrier oil helps calm the inflammation and irritation of eczema and dermatitis. It combines well with an equal amount of St. John's Wort Oil (Hypericum) for enhanced anti-inflammatory and cooling effects. For mature skin, an addition of 5% Borage is recommended. Do be cautious when using all nut oils as some people have allergies to them.

Arnica Oil - Arnica montana (infused)
Infused in Sweet Almond Oil. Arnica oil is especially useful for the treatment of bruising, sprains and other musculoskeletal injuries. If used directly after a strenous workout, arnica oil can help reduce swelling, muscle stiffness and pain. Do not apply to open wounds.

Avocado Carrier Oil  - Persea americana, Persea gratissima 
We carry both refined and unrefined avocado oil.  Avocado oil is added to carrier oils, up to 20%, as an aid to skin moisturizing. Avocado oil is excellent for treating dry skin, sun-damaged skin, and wrinkles, as it delivers superior moisturizing and nourishing elements. Avocado oil can also help with the itchiness and dryness of psoriasis and eczema. Avocado oil is rich and penetrates the skin deeply, providing essential fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E, and proteins. It should not be kept in the refrigerator, as it becomes slightly cloudy when cold. The color is a deep green (unrefined), and unlike many other carrier oils, has a characteristic aroma.  Note that avocado is not a nut oil.

Calendula Infused Oil  - Calendula officinalis
This infused oil has an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and vulnerary (aiding healing of wounds) properties.  Calendula oil is good for skin infections, wounds, rashes, bites and inflammations. Also used for other inflammations, e.g. hemorrhoids and rheumatism. Recommended for mixed and oily skins, it is somewhat cooling and slightly drying. Calendula oil is also excellent for use in the healing of scars and for eczema.. It is rich in carotene and saponins, and is excellent for damaged skin. Calendula is so gentle and healing that it's appropriate for babies, especially for helping to heal diaper rash.

Carrot Tissue Carrier Oil  - Daucus carota L. ssp sativus, D. carota ssp carota L., D. communis 
Carrot oil is orange in color and rich in minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and beta-carotene. It is a superior oil for mature skin, helping to rejuvenate and replenish. As it also relieves itching, carrot oil can be used for psoriasis and eczema, and is said to be helpful with scar healing and burns. Use in a 10% dilution with other base oils. (Note: This is different from Carrot Seed oil, which is an essential oil.)

Castor Oil  - Ricunus communis 
Castor oil has been used for centuries. The oil is extracted at a low temperature to keep the Ricin (a toxic substance present in the plant) from being present in the oil. Castor oil can be used as an analgesic, to help clear blackheads and for dandruff.

Cocoa Butter - Theobroma cacao 
This solid butter is pressed from the roasted seeds of the Cacao tree (Theobroma nucifera) and yields a cream colored solid with a delightful odor. Softens at body temperature and adds a rich, creamy consistency to lotions, soaps and creams. Cocoa butter is a superb moisturizer, helping to reduce skin dryness and improve skin elasticity.

Coconut, Fractionated - Cocos nucifera L 
Fractionated Coconut Oil is a highly stable, odorless and colorless oil that is light, very penetrating, and with a long (some say indefinite) shelf life.

Evening Primrose Oil - Centhera biennis 
Pale yellow in color, Evening Primrose carrier oil is rich in GLA, vitamins and minerals. Evening Primrose oil is excellent for face and body massage blends, especially to combat dry, devitalised skin and eczema. Keep this carrier oil refrigerated.

Grapeseed Oil - Vitis vinifera
Grapeseed carrier oil is an excellent second choice as a carrier oil, especially for those whose skin does not to absorb other oils quickly. This oil is thinner than Sweet Almond oil and absorbs more quickly into the skin without feeling greasy.  Grape seeds are washed, dried, ground, and pressed with the aid of heat and sometimes refined. Heat is used because the seed has only a small percentage of oil.  Grapeseend carrier oil varies in color from almost clear to a beautiful pale green.

Hazelnut Oil - Corylus avellana
Hazelnut oil is particularly good to use for oily skin as it helps to regulate sebum (the natural oily secretion of the skin). It is rich in oleic and linoleic acid. Very good for treatment of acne, dermatitis and seborrheic eczema.  Hazelnut oil can be used 100% as a base oil.

Jojoba  - Simmondsia sinensis
Jojoba is actually not an oil at all, but a liquid wax, and can be used as a 10% addition to other oils. It’s wonderfully conditioning for the skin, scalp, hair and cuticles. This excellent oil is lightly expeller pressed from seeds and has a lovely golden color.  Jojoba is high in proteins, minerals and is unique in its long (indefinite) shelf life. A very useful oil for inflamed skin, psoriasis, excema, and acne. Excellent for all skin types, extremely well-absorbed and does not clog pores.  Jojoba is one of our favorites!

Macadamia Nut Oil, Organic – Macadamia integrifolia

This oil closely resembles sebum, the natural oil your skin produces. It is very rich, absorbs well, and helps protect and heal the skin. Macadamia nut oil is useful for sunburns, dry skin, mature skin, scar healing. This lovely oil has a light nutty aroma.

Neem Oil Azadica indica
Neem is a rather amazing oil, not as well known as it should be considering its usefulness. With excellent moisturizing qualities, it is becoming increasingly popular in many body and hair care and pet products. Neem oil contains compounds that have both insecticidal, antiseptic and medicinal properties. It is a dark, rather sludgy green in color and has a strong, (not terribly pleasant) odor. Being both high in Vitamin E and fatty acids, Neem oil is said to be useful for treating a variety of skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and dry skin.
In addition, Neem oil has a long history of use as an insect repellent and is increasingly being used to control plant pests and diseases. Neem oil has been studied and shown to be effective against mosquitos, flies, sand fleas, ticks and more. As a garden spray, Neem (which is very bitter in taste) makes the leaves sprayed with it distasteful for the bugs to eat, thus acting as a natural repellent.
For external use only. Note that Neem oil is thick, and can solidify at low temperatures. If that happens, place container of oil in warm (not hot) water and heat gently.

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin - Olea europaea - Extra Virgin
Olive Oil is high in protein, minerals and vitamin, and is useful for hair care, cosmetic use, and for inflamed skin. Use in a 10% dilution with other base oils. Beautiful light green/golden color with a rich, warm aroma.

Rosehip Seed Oil - Organic - Rosa canina, R. acicularis, R. cinncmomea, R. rugosa, R. villosa, R. rubiginosa 

A must-have for all mature skin remedies, Rose Hip seed oil is extremely high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids,  gamma linoleic acid (GLA) and vitamin C.  Research done in Chile bears out its tissue regenerating properties and its usefulness in treating scars, burns, and dry and aging skin.   Rosehip seed oil has superior moisturizing qualities and is said to be helpful with dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.  We use this fabulous Rosehip oil in our Facial Massage Blend.

Safflower Oil - Organic (Oleic) - Carthamus tinctorius 
This oil is particularly good for sensitive skin. A great carrier oil - in fact, it's one of our favorites.  Safflower oil is nearly clear, has a great 'glide' that massage therapists really like, is not greasy feeling, absorbs well and washes out of sheets easily. This is the perfect oil for babies' sensitive skin and much better for them than that so called `Baby Oil' a.k.a. mineral oil. We use an organic oleic (the good stuff) Safflower oil for all of our baby products.

Soybean Oil - Organic - Flycine max, G. soja, G. hispida 
Can be used undiluted on all skin types. Rich in lecithin and has all 22 health-giving amino acids and vitamin A and B complex.