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Welcome to our Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Articles page, where we offer a collection of research findings, safety tips, advice, ideas and more.  Click on the titles below to take you to the corresponding aromatherapy article.  Enjoy!

About Aromatherapy:

Aromatherapy: The Basics

What Are Essential Oils Exactly?

How Are Essential Oils Extracted?

Essential Oil Quality

Essential Oil Safety

Gas Chromatographs: A Basic Explanation

Healing with Essential Oils

Aromatherapy for Physical Well-Being:

Aromatherapy for Chronic Fatigue

Aromatherapy for Dental Health

Aromatherapy Recipes for Fungus (Athlete's Foot)

Aromatherapy for Menopause

Aromatherapy for Parkinson's Disease

Aromatherapy and the SARS virus

Essential Oils for Seasonal Allergies

Essential Oils to Help Sinus Problems

Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

Essential Oils for Poison Ivy

Aromatherapy for Mental Well-Being:

Aromatherapy and Emotions

Aromatherapy and Grief

Aromatherapy and the Mind/Body Connection

Aromatherapy for Peaceful Sleep

Essential Oils for Concentration and Memory

Essential Oils to Relieve Stress

Aromatherapy for Home & Garden:

Make Your Own Aromatherapy Room Spritzers

Make Your Own Bug Repellent

Make Your Own First Aid Kit

Essential Oils for Natural Cleaning

Essential Oils for Poison Ivy

Aromatherapy for Bath & Beauty

Carrier Oils for Youthful Skin

DIY Conditioning Hair Treatment

Essential Oils for Promoting Hair Growth

Make Your Own Lip Balm

DIY Shampoo Recipes

DIY Sugar Scrubs


Articles on Aromatherapy