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Save the Dandelions!

         As kids we made wishes on dandelion puffs, but as adults, we curse them for marring our perfect lawns and try to kill them with herbicides. Stop! Dandelions are good for us and good for the insects we rely on—let them stay awhile. Dandelions bloom and provide pollen and nectar right when bees…


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D-I-Y Aromatherapy Mother’s Day Gifts

  If you’ve got more time and love than spending money this Mother’s Day, or if your mom is the kind who appreciates homemade gifts the most, make these easy aromatherapy gifts to encourage her to pamper herself.   Hand Salve Your mother’s hands have probably washed countless dishes, changed countless diapers, and done who…



Getting Started Using Essential Oils

Which Essential Oils Should I Start Off With? Let’s be honest–we’re all overwhelmed. We want to eat better, exercise, be the perfect parent, have a fulfilling job . . . and stay healthy.  Maybe you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the wonders of aromatherapy and thought you’d give it a whirl.  You do…



The Meanings of Flowers for Valentine’s Day

How nice, in the middle of winter, to get flowers from a loved one on Valentine’s Day. But did you know that for centuries, specific flowers have carried special meanings? Just what is that bouquet trying to say? Roses, the most popular Valentine’s Day flowers, have always symbolized love. Meaning can also vary with color.…


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Plant Your Own Aromatherapy Garden

    When it comes to using aromatherapy in our lives, we all love the benefits of essential oils, but sometimes we forget to just go outside and savor the incredible scents of aromatic plants. With some simple planning you can create your own aromatherapy garden. Everyone wants a garden that offers visual delights, but…


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Make Your Own Beard Oil

        Looking for a Father’s Day gift for your favorite man with facial hair? Thanks to the Great Beard Revival, mustache and beard products are everywhere these days. But beard oils can be expensive, with some costing more than $30 for an ounce! The good news is that you can make your…



Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Relief

It’s cold and flu season, the season of sneezing, achy joints, fever, coughing, and congestion. Suffering with these symptoms is pretty miserable, but aromatherapy with essential oils can offer wonderful support when you, or a loved one, are sick. Remember, the flu and flu complications can be a serious illness requiring medical attention. Beware of…