Melissa Essential Oil Recipes


Melissa Essential Oil Melissa is one of those essential oils that tend to fly under the radar; it’s sweet and modest and sometimes referred to as Sweet or Common oil. Melissa is distilled from the leaves of the lemon balm plant, and like the herb, has a subtle lemony scent. Because the levels of essential …Continue Reading

Essential Oils to Stop Smoking

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Can Aromatherapy Help You Quit Smoking? It’s time to make those New Year’s Resolutions, and if you’re a smoker, what could be better than starting off 2014 without cigarettes?   Quitting smoking isn’t easy, of course, and many people with good intentions fail because they try to stop cold-turkey, without a solid plan. It can be …Continue Reading

Essential Oils for Hair Loss

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Can Essential Oils Help with Hair Loss? We get quite a few emails and calls asking if essential oils can help with hair loss and requests for specific aromatherapy recipes. We’ve created a Hair Blend which you can purchase on our website, but we thought we’d also offer some recipes that you can make yourself …Continue Reading

Cinnamon and Clove Essential Oil


One of my favorite essential oil blends is our Germ Buster blend, which is made up largely of Clove essential oil and Cinnamon oil. I use this blend for oral hygiene mostly, but I also like to diffuse it in my bathroom to keep the mold at bay. This summer I’ve used it in my …Continue Reading

Rosemary Essential Oil Uses

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5 Ways to Use Rosemary Essential Oil  Rosemary Essential Oil is one of our favorites because it’s so useful in so many ways. Most people know rosemary as a prevalent herb in Mediterranean cuisine. The scent of rosemary essential oil brings the flavor of the herb straight to mind: sharp but earthy at the same …Continue Reading

Essential Oils for Poison Ivy

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Essential Oil Recipes for Poison Ivy Anyone who has ever suffered a poison ivy outbreak can attest to the pain and torment it causes. If you know you’ve come in contact with poison ivy, make sure you launder your clothes promptly and bathe as soon as possible. If you still get an outbreak, even with …Continue Reading